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In the southern border debate, two very different topics are involved. One is immigration policy. The other is whether or not to build a wall in the desert.

The caravans arriving at border crossings are certainly straining our current capabilities at the immigration processing stations and improving those abilities would be wise, lest we just tear gas them all. This is all part of an immigration policy debate. Make no mistake, the presence of these caravans of mostly Catholic individuals and families at our entry points has nothing to do with whether or not there is a wall in the desert. Instead, these hopefuls are at legitimate crossings.

In the other debate, we must collectively decide whether declaring ourselves a ‘walled country’ is worth moving away from the human and hi-tech surveillance that we use at remote border areas.

The debate and subsequent legislation should take place in Congress as set forth in the spirit of the Constitution, not through one man’s back door approach involving government worker paychecks or through declaring a national emergency where none exists. These tactics are a test of a potentially endless power-grab that should scare the hell out of us all.

— Greg Seltzer, Hamilton