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The Endangered Species Act was set into law for a reason, to keep our wildlife from becoming extinct.

And now, we have these greedy, power hungry big shots in Congress who want to waste our tax dollars to get rid of the ESA and destroy nature's sacred wonders to appease their corporate mobsters and other ruthless special interests.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to take whatever action necessary to protect and strengthen the Endangered Species Act, 'cause if our wildlife becomes extinct, so would the same fate become of the human race.

It's a sad and frightening prophecy ...

But if we sit around, make excuses and/or try to put a sugar coated spin on the issue and do nothing, then I foresee that there might not be anything or anybody left standing on this planet before the dawn of the 22nd Century.

Call and write to your representatives (as well as take direct action) and urge them to reject any wasteful legislation and rider attachments that would put all of our sacred wildlife (including wolves, buffalo and grizzly bears) in danger of being wiped off the face of the Earth, and sternly warn them that if they continue to ignore the will of the people, they will be voted out of office.

— Billy Angus, Hamilton