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There has always been some corruption in government, from Washington DC right on down to the local school boards. We all see political authority in a little different light. I have been an attorney since 1955 and I never thought we would see political authority the way we see it today.

I am ninety-one years old, but I learned when I was a youngster that telling the truth was the only way to live. Telling lies was not wise because you needed to remember them. Your brain can only remember so many before they clutter your thinking and lie replicates lie and soon you can’t remember any of the tales you have told.

Donald is a consistent liar. He has told thousands of lies and he makes no effort to remember them he just lies on and on and on. His apparent secret dealings with Putin will some day be exposed but it may be too late to save our form of government. Donald has led us to the threshold of disaster. His whole political agenda is a path to dictatorship. He is not the answer to a greater America, he is the answer to a dictatorship.

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The Constitution designed our government to function in a manner that was controlled by the people. Donald is destroying our Constitution that has served us so well for over 200 years. Our elected officials are all serving their own interests rather than the interests of the people who elected them. We may need another revolution to clean the government of corruption.

— John Robinson, Hamilton