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Rednecks for Black Lives

Rednecks for Black Lives


“Rednecks for Black Lives”

Got your attention? As a headline on Facebook it sure got mine. It’s a report from WBUR in Boston about Greg Reese, from Campton, Kentucky, who says he’s finally figured out what’s been going on for 150 years and wants everyone else to realize it as well.

He was so proud of the Confederate flag magnet on the trunk of his car, because he had grown up seeing it as a symbol of rebellion, of standing up for your rights. Following the police killing of George Floyd on Memorial Day and all that has come with it, he began to realize that the Confederacy was actually a con perpetrated by rich slaveholders, a con that has never stopped.

In an interview Reese said, “ … the issue is not really even black and white. The issue is the haves and the have nots. The people at the top keeping us down. People of color are being treated far worse than us and that’s another dividing tactic.”

Are you a Redneck? Do you know where the term comes from? Are you still willing to work your butt off so the top 2% can keep getting richer and all you can afford is more guns?

Ah, you’ll say: WBUR is a Public Radio station and this is all socialist bs. Go ahead and look it up. Reese even created a classy new flag magnet for his car. If the South is catching on, maybe the West will, too.

— Mary Fahnestock-Thomas, Hamilton


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