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Baseline truth agreement needed

Baseline truth agreement needed


Once, news sources that adhered to the standards of professional journalism were where Americans received their information. Those professional sources are now are referred to as "Fake News" by our current right-wing leadership who have embraced “news” sources that encourage a lack of common respect.

The Fairness Doctrine ensured that information broadcasted was fair and true. It was abolished in 1987. This allowed 24-hour “news” channels and the airwaves to became a free for all of cherry-picked “truth” which is lucrative avenue to sell snake oil remedies, investment opportunities and lies. They have become masters of the manipulation of their audiences, while encouraging them to stay isolated from other sources. Extreme outliers, such as Alex Jones, have been proven in court to be guilty of spreading bald-faced lies, and yet have become a darling of the current president.

I firmly believe that this disconnect led directly to the shameful riot that defiled the United States Capitol building on Jan. 6.

I’m concerned that many American people have lost the ability to think critically. I don’t have much confidence that we can bring divided Americans back to a place where we can agree on baseline truth.

However, the testimonies of the lawmakers that evening, after they had cleared the Capitol chambers, gave me hope. Many of the those who had earlier planned to obstruct the certification of the ballots, finally showed some respect for the role of government procedure. Sometimes, after an in-your-face wakeup call, reality cannot be denied.

— Corrine Gantt, Hamilton


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