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It’s with sadness I read what Ms. Anderson at the fairgrounds wants to do with what used to be a wonderful county fair. She has chased away many non-profit vendors that directly help the community in favor of commercial vendors.

I’d rather give to the Shriners any day than a commercial vendor whose only interest is profit. Anderson said they would give back but to who? It may be something I don’t want to give to. She wants the vendors to take credit cards, but she forgets there is a transaction fee involved and a lot would be for small amounts, leaving the non-profits losing money. I also hear she wants to tear down a building for more commercial vendors. No Thank You. It takes away from the friendly atmosphere I went there for each year and I don’t need more variety in foods, like Anderson said. I liked what we had.

I’ve worked the fair may years and the money flows! No one I know minded paying cash over plastic. So why is she making a big deal over this? I saw no vendor losing money because of a card. Looks to me like it is more of a control issue on the fairgrounds part.

I have heard grumblings over the politics and many are disgusted and unhappy with the fairgrounds. Anderson talked about the levy being turned down. No, we don’t get in free, like you said, we would have paid that in the tax and also paid for many to get in free that did not pay the tax. Nothing is free.

You claim money is needed, then stop wasting money on unnecessary projects and look at needed ones there like the bathrooms.

Anderson refers to fresh blood and a year for change. We’re a small town that wants a small town fair and no change. I have lived long enough to know fresh ideas and change are not always for the betterment of the community. I like the fair the way it is and perhaps the change we need is you.

– John Gibney,