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Dr. Al best governor candidate

Dr. Al best governor candidate


We Conservatives, whether Independent or Republican, have a choice to make. How to break the tie in the primary race for Montana Governor? I broke the tie and decided on Dr. Al. Here's why.

The mail ballots have started and it's time to focus. So don't let others make your selection. Yes it matters! Perhaps Charles Krauthammer, highly respected past commentator, said it best: “Politics, the crooked timber of our communal lives, dominates everything; because, in the end,everything ― high and low and, most especially high ― lives or dies by politics.” Our Republic is certainly a 'high' and governors play a vital role.

As I said, this time we are truly blessed! We have three good candidates for governor. When I say we, I mean you veterans, and first responders of all disciplines. Each of you have made commitments to serve something greater than self. Many of you have committed to accept risks, serious injury or death, in that service. So how do you choose between candidates Attorney Gen. Fox, Rep. Gianforte, and Doctor/Sen. Olszewski (aka Doctor Al)? Each are capable, proven conservative public servants. I want to urge you to take a deeper look at Senator/Doctor Olszewski and his running mate Sen. Bogner. They seem to be getting the least publicity.

You will see that due to their proven record of service they are my choice for governor. Like each of you, they have proven dedicated to service of causes greater than self. I'll be brief. Doctor Al served as an Air Force flight surgeon, He has a successful medical practice, and serves as a state senator. He was a first arrival volunteer at the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. He helped pull kids out of rubble after the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti. This is a man dedicated to service! His running mate Sen. Bogner is a state senator, and Marine veteran of two tours in Iraq. What a combination! No matter what issue they might face in office, we can count on service beneficial to the citizens of Montana. They sure as hell are not born politicians.

Theirs is the kind of record that Churchill had in mind when he penned the following:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what give”

— Ed Sperry Col USAF (ret), Stevensville


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