Deregulation of finance, pharmaceutical, fossil fuel and oligopolies.

Deficit financing enabling a huge tax cut to 1% of Americans.

A fiat-installed China trade policy that injures Americans.

A fiat-imposed agreement with Erdogan that damages American positions, injuries our Kurdish allies, while advancing the interests of Assad, and perhaps advancing Putin's position in the upper Mideast.

A secret organization, with two operatives financed by a foreign, pro-Putin billionaire, fabricating elements of a story that could be used to smear a candidate for the U.S. presidency.

An energy policy certain to add additional tons per square mile of heavy, heat-absorbing greenhouse gases blanketing this planet.

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A social policy, favoring hetero white males, while disfavoring, occasionally oppressing, sometimes being cruel, to people other than hetero, white, males.

How to sustain above accomplishments? Win the Electoral College vote but loose the popular vote. That worked in 2000, also in 2016.

Solicit big money to employ gerrymandering, voter registration checkoff, vote and voter suppression, and hacking of vote machines.

Of equal importance, put big money attack ads in Facebook. Ads that do not meet ethical standards of newspapers and cable TV.

Target certain voter groups in certain target states.

— Bob Williams, Stevensville