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In the past two weeks, we see they are now at the head of the line objecting to trump’s racist, cruel, amoral etc. policies.

Thank you to the Rabbis of Montana speaking out together. Thank you to the Catholic priests and nuns who were removed in handcuffs from a peaceful protest by Catholics, I think in Illinois.

Thank you to the Methodist and Lutheran churches who have spoken out against Trump’s vile racism and barbaric treatment of children.

Thank you for the efforts of religious organizations trying to help children and infants trump is holding in cages, even causing the deaths of at least seven children who died from treatable diseases., like flu.

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Thank you to the members of one Jewish community in California who locked arms, surrounded an ICE facility, chanting “never again.”

I will never again ask “Where are the churches?” Many are speaking out nationwide, denouncing the evils of the Trump administration. I encourage those churches that remain silent to join in this collective national rejection of evil and join in the movement to restore the decency that most Americans once strove to embrace.

— Claire Kelly, Stevensville