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All Forest Service road hunting, within one mile of private property structures, should be banned for the safety of the residents and livestock that live in that area.

The last day of hunting season 2018, I had the horrific experience of being shot at. Once I reached this happy clan of fools, I found a teenage boy, who had been taken road hunting by his young father.

While I believe road hunting to be the classic behavior of pathetic wimps and cowards, I personally understand the need for elderly and/or handicapped individuals to have this access. These individuals were neither old nor handicapped.

Let’s use Hart Bench Road, south of Darby, as our example. If you are hunting on foot and have obtained the gracious permission of one of these residents, it’s still dangerous to shoot around these homes, so I walk through the property and get to Forest Service land.

Then, with my back to the property, I begin my hunting. Some of these homes are difficult to see and blend in with the forest. However, as I look up, I see trucks driven by the hunting idiots of this world, cruising by, which makes the angle of my shot dangerous as well.

This year, some city boys from Hamilton saw the elk moving up and I heard no less than 12 shots in less than six minutes from the road. I do have a personal problem with a young father teaching his young son to get out of the truck, kneel down on the shoulder of the road and commence firing multiple shots into the herd of elk.

Another witness observed the entire mockery as well. After the fourth shot I yelled loudly out of fear for my life, along with a healthy dose of anger and frustration with all the idiots of this world that are perfectly healthy, and still choose to hunt in this manner.

After the Forest Service thinned this area I thought it would help with safety and visibility. It has not. Now the animals are more visible making this area easy pickings for this special blend of hunting stupidity.

Every year on the first and last day of the season, the long stream of incompetent and pathetic individuals begins around 5:30 a.m. and continues throughout the day. Meanwhile, if you are a resident, or an ethical hunter walking below the road you have to suffer through the wild repetitive shooting of these lazy and immoral individuals.

Remember, if you are elderly or handicapped, I understand the need for road hunting but we have so many other roads in our great state that are miles from homes and livestock. All Forest Service road hunting, within one mile of private property structures, should be banned for the safety of the residents and livestock that live in that area. So how would this work? Simple. If there is a private structure within one mile of that point on the road post a sign – no shooting. Don’t close the roads, just sign them.

Notice please that I did not say private property boundaries. I did say within a mile of private property structures. Structures is the key word here. I realize that a few of these road hunting morons will be reading my letter and get all fired up.

Now that they have put away the rifles to rust in storage for another year, the FWP rangers get to drive around rounding up all the dead animals that were left by people too pathetic to get out of the truck and check for a blood trail. Thank God I am not laying out there, bleeding from a gut shot. Not one of these happy idiots would have gotten out of their truck to walk around to check.

Laurie Jakober, Darby