For those who think the Stevensville Town Council is at fault, I would be pleased to inform them that Stevensville has a general powers form of government and can only do/enforce what the state allows it to do. The mayor is to set up the agenda the council wants to talk about and the mayor conducts the meetings.

He has no power beyond that. The town council conducts and oversees the town business. The mayor cannot do any business or action without the approval of the town council.

However, since becoming mayor of Stevensville, Brandon Dewey conducts business and does action without even talking to the town council or informing them of what he has already done.

Mayor Brandon Dewey has closed the Stevensville city office on the council and its citizens. That is in violation of Montana Constitution, Article 11, Section 6. Every item in that office, including what is in the desk drawers is open to public inspection.

I could go on and on about Mayor Brandon Dewey’s infractions against the city council and its citizens. But please talk with the town council members themselves and then decide if you want the self-proclaimed CEO of the Stevensville Fire Department to continue being the CEO of Stevensville as well.

Taxpayer of Stevensville.

— Susan McCreary, Stevensville