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Russ Fagg has served our community for years. His service as a district judge, a Republican legislator and an involved community leader has benefited the people in this area. Russ is a person of high integrity and impeccable character.

Now is the time for Russ to move on to become a conservative senator from Montana by replacing Jon Tester. Jon Tester has voted for gun control, higher taxes, and was the deciding vote for Obamacare. Sadly, Jon supports sanctuary cities.

We need strong leadership in Washington that will help guide our country past the mistakes that have been made by Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party. Now is the time for new hope.

Russ Fagg will represent the values of Montanans. He will uphold the law and hold people accountable who break the law. Until now, I always thought that the people responsible for upholding the law were unbiased and they upheld the law. Recent revelations indicate that there are some agents who are law breakers themselves. It is time to send someone to Washington to bring back honesty, integrity and honor to our country.

Russ Fagg will support economic growth and help establish programs that will provide jobs for Montanans.

I believe Russ Fagg is the only conservative that can beat Jon Tester in November. Please vote for Russ Fagg for U.S. Senate.

James D Huskey, Billings