We have a "president" who aligns himself with the worst dictators in the world.

How did we get here? How did we get to a point where one party backing one dishonest, corrupt, uncaring man can give two huge tax breaks to the wealthiest 1 percent while shutting down our government, putting our country and our people in jeopardy?

He has done nothing in the interest of the taxpayers since he got into that office and how he got in the office is very questionable.

Donald Trump has said he loves shutdowns. Of course he does; he escapes to his many golf courses and ignores the pain of the people.

This must never happen again. There needs to be laws against corruption and treason, showing tax returns and limited pardoning powers. Trump's use of the "wall" is political to appease his friends. He is backed by billionaires, Russia and the Arabs, oligarchs who, if they wanted a "wall" so much, then they should pay for it. He will weaken our country to the point that Russia or China could easily take us over.

— Joe Gervais, Corvallis