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Montana needs Theresa Manzella

Montana needs Theresa Manzella


I am so blessed to be one of so many FOTs — Friends of Theresa — having known her since before she won election to the Montana House of Representatives six years ago. We are legion…and we are all over the Bitterroot Valley and in fact all over the state of Montana. In fact, I have met people out-of-state who were also Friends of Theresa!

There are two main reasons we are so numerous and so loyal. One is that she is just such an awesome person to know even apart from politics, and the other is that there are very few people in politics as honorable, wise, trustworthy, respectable, hardworking, effective, honest, straight-shooting, bold, brave, strong, and with such integrity as Theresa Manzella — we want to keep her there working for Montana.

I have almost (not quite) ceased being surprised and amazed at Theresa’s superhuman ability to do everything all the time. She is that person who accomplishes pretty much whatever she sets out to do, and that is a lot — an astounding number of difficult things simultaneously — while the rest of us struggle to maybe accomplish something in a day.

What I am saying is we are so lucky to have Theresa in our legislature, working for our state (and country), holding the line on taxation and regulation, keeping it constitutional at every point, and keeping it American, fighting for our inheritance of freedom and prosperity, and we need to keep her there!

Please Vote Theresa Manzella!

Cindi Hamilton



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