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Supports Manzella

Supports Manzella


When 60% of the voters in Ravalli County voted against I-185, their rejection was evident.

The truth is, only one Ravalli County Representative in the 2019 Montana House voted to protect Ravalli County taxpayers from having their taxes increased and that’s Rep. Theresa Manzella. Theresa Manzella listened to Ravalli County voters, saying no to the mega-tax-dollar giveaway to Montana hospitals. Manzella alone stood on conservative principles, fighting to protect the decision of her constituents.

Why is it that 20 “reckless Republicans” usurped the majority of Montana voters who rejected Medicaid Expansion (M.E.), effectively telling those voters their vote didn’t count? One of these legislators, Rep. Ballance, is trying to spin her votes in favor of M.E. by telling folks that “they [voters] don’t quite understand the issue” to know how they should’ve voted on I-185, the M.E. initiative. She also claims that only she clearly understood the nuances of the bill and that passage was “critical” to prevent hospitals from closing. That’s patently untrue. Finally, she states that M.E. passage was “necessary” because some in Montana wouldn’t survive without M.E., when other options existed for about 50% of the recipients, who are able-bodied, childless adults (many not even citizens of Montana).

Voters of Ravalli County clearly understood the consequences of passing M.E. Hospital executives’ salaries have skyrocketed because of the kickbacks received from expansion.

You’ll hear these elitists try to deny the fact that 1 in 6 abortions in Montana are paid with taxpayer dollars through M.E., or that 70% of sex change operations are paid by your tax dollars. Most outrageous, they are receiving enormous campaign contributions from hospital lobbyists and others who benefitted from their votes to expand Medicaid. Talk about a classic case of “quid pro quo” by self-serving legislators.

In the June 2020 primary election for SD 44, there’s only one conservative choice to represent SD 44 and that’s Theresa Manzella. Theresa Manzella does what’s right for her constituents, not what benefits hospitals and their lobbyists. That’s why national and state groups recognize Theresa as a true conservative leader among her peers.

SD 44, and all of Ravalli County, need Theresa Manzella in the Montana Senate in 2020.

— Brad Tschida, HD 97 – Missoula, 2019 House Majority Leader


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