Montana Sen. Jon Tester recently summarized his tour of the southern U.S. border for his constituents with an open letter in media outlets (guest column, April 8). Tester’s summary was easily predictable; standard left rhetoric about no need for a wall, locals opposed to a wall and solving the illegal immigration crisis with technology and more border officers. His talking points sounded as if they were directly from Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California.

A couple of months ago I suggested to Senator Tester that he spend a couple of shifts with a Border Patrol officer and see the real world of illegal immigration. Tester did not respond to me, but he did spend his time with like-minded liberals and ignore an element of a solution to the out-of-control number of illegals coming  across the southern border — a physical barrier.

The left will not address sensible immigration reform because the onslaught of illegals means votes for them, which means power to their party regardless of how the country is affected. If Tester really cared about Montanans, he would work for a sustainable, comprehensive immigration overhaul to include national security.

— Pete Lawrenson, Darby