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Trump who is supposed to be taking care of our country is instead spending taxpayer money to make trips all over the country to campaign for himself.

This will be the fourth time to Montana. His son, who had lied to the FBI, is making appearances in Montana also. If you notice all the gas stations have huge signs to vote no on I-185. This is not to benefit the american people who work and pay taxes, this is to benefit big oil. Saying yes to I-185 would keep our medicare and medicaid intact. Our country will become one big oil field and expect earthquakes from the fracking like in Oklahoma. If you work in the oil fields now you might be happy with the money, but soon it will be like all oil drilling, it will leave a mess behind – ghost towns with undrinkable water and the taxpayer will pay the bill for the clean up.

Thanks to the current administration we have no regulations to protect our health and our environment, with drilling and fracking, coal smoke spewing in the atmosphere, that is why we were pulled out of the climate change agreement.

— Kate Gervais, Corvallis