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Thursday Sept. 28, began like any other. A beautiful fall day greeted me as I headed to the gym. A great work out and I'm ready to head to work. Oh wait, let me stop to peruse the Ravalli Republic paper. What's going on in my town, the community I call home, where I work , play, and volunteer?

And then like a punch to the gut I read the headline: Former Hamilton School District employee charged with sexual assault.

My heart rate went up before I read the next line, and then I realize that this is not a "news" article worthy of anyone's eyes. This isn't about a sexual predator in or around the school. This is an attempt to defame the Hamilton School District. Why else would the editor chose such a gross and sensationalized tag line to connect a retired educator who started his career in 1961 and ended his career in 1999? Almost 20 years since his career ended at HSD.

Is this what this community deserves? The desperate act to sell a paper with shock tag lines?

Well, you sure gave me a shock all right. Not in the way you intended.

I'm shocked that you have a job as editor of the Ravalli Republic.

I'm shocked that you would chose to connect this immoral act with the school district for no other reason than to defame the school district.

I was so shocked and offended that I left the gym, got in my car, and headed to the Ravalli Republic store front to get an explanation for the gross abuse of the "press."

Of course no one was available for comment.

I will be shocked if this letter gets published.

Next time you need to fill an empty gap of news paper space ... try clip art if there's not a story more worthy of your paper and of this community.

Elke Olbricht