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The truth remains

The truth remains

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Sadness engulfs me. It drips fatigue. Truth is scorned, events are ignored and altered to fit a narrative of belief, rooted in the past. Past experiences, past desires, past outrages reign. Alternative realities have been fabricated and believed.

Truth? Truth seems fluid for so many. However...if I sit in a chair, I sit in a chair. How can anyone look at me and say you are not sitting in the chair? When someone sits in the chair and declares they are not or someone else says they are not, how can that be truth? How can that be reality, in that moment?

Reality has been nuanced, shifted, shaped and defended. Live videos and live TV are declared unreal. But I sit in this chair. Why do I sit in this chair? There could be thousands of reasons why. But the why doesn’t take away the truth of the action.

President Trump called for a gathering in Washington DC, on Jan. 6, 2021. The truth is his supporters came. He asked them to go to the Capitol. Truth — they went. He asked them to take back the steal, show courage, rescue their country. Truth — they tried. People died, property was damaged, lives were threatened, gallows erected. The truth remains, no matter the why.

Who is going to be held accountable? Only the people who stormed the Capitol? Were all the actions and words before and during to be declared of no consequence? Perhaps. Sadness engulfs me. It drips fatigue.

— Cathy Eastwood, Darby


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