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Central committee should stand its ground

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I read Theresa's Manzella's Op-Ed and did not find it to be slanderous. She focused on facts. For Nancy Ballance to ask the Central Committee to form a sub-committee to study writing rules into the bylaws that granted the Central Committee some ability to punish bad behavior of errant candidates is wrong.

In my opinion, it's a coward who will not face their opponent directly but indirectly tries to silence them. It is what the left does, silencing their opponents and I have had enough of it. I think the Central Committee would be best served to not change the bylaws based on one individuals' request to punish the behavior of any candidates as that will probably come back to bite them in the future.

As a Constitutional Conservative, I hold dear my rights to Free Speech and the Right to Bear Arms and anyone who is willing to do away with those rights is not a Conservative nor upholding the Republican Party Platform. Based on her actions and votes, Theresa is certainly upholding the Republican Party Platform. The people of Ravalli County voted to not continue with Medicaid Expansion yet Nancy Ballance voted for it. Then insulted our intelligence by stating it “We had to vote for Medicaid Expansion, or the Governor wouldn’t have signed the budget.”

Why is the Central Committee considering forming a sub-committee suggested by a current candidate for office to punish another candidate ? Is that not a conflict of interest?

— K Mueller, Hamilton


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