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Guess it’s that time of political year, the political signs are springing up around the valley like dandelions after a spring rain.

What candidate to choose, how do we know which candidate will best serve our community? The candidate with the most political signs may not be the best candidate, just the candidate with the most personal money to spend on signs.

Ravalli County is blessed to have some of the best and most respected legislators in the State. Pat Connell, our Senate Legislator representing Senate District #43 is one of those dedicated legislators who work for the people of his district, not necessarily for the political party.

When making a decision regarding the legislative process, Pat first follows his conscience, secondly represents his constituents (that’s us) and lastly represents his political party.

Senator Connell is currently Vice Chair of Legislative Administration, Vice Chair of Energy and Telecommunications, is a member of the Natural Resource Committee, Business and Labor and Economics and Chairs the Interim Water Policy Committee.

I was honored to have served as your senate legislator in Senate District #44 (which is now #43) for eight years, and I believe that Senator Connell is the best candidate to represent our district. Don’t be swayed by how many signs are along the road, base your decision on the character of the candidate, and Pat Connell has served our Valley well.

—Sen. Rick Laible (retired), Darby