HB287, a bill establishing daily trap checks, will be introduced to the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee shortly.

Dozens of other states already have this requirement. Montana's lack of one is one reason Montana attained a grade of D- on its trapping laws.

The brain parts in which pain and emotions as fear, grief and anguish are located are shared by all mammals from rats to humans. Imagine yourself (or a loved one) being caught in one of these devices, unable to break free. Metal jaws cutting into your flesh with every effort you make to escape. These trapped animals feel the same thing you would.

The damage suffered by non-target species including pets becomes increasingly severe and often non-survivable after 24 hours.

Trappers will attack this bill, claiming it makes it too difficult for them given the length of their trap lines. The point they conveniently miss is that, in the absence of any trap check requirement they established these trap lines with only thoughts of maximizing their profits. No thoughts to the pain and suffering they inflict on our wildlife.

They view trapped animals only as "things" rather than as sentient, feeling beings. It's long past time to bring a modicum of ethics and morality to the practice of trapping. Please contact your state representative asking them to support this bill. Their vote will speak loudly about their own ethics and morals.

— Wesley Miles, Hamilton