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MUSINGS: The election evil

MUSINGS: The election evil

John Robinson

John Robinson

It was a few years ago that the Supreme Court granted the very wealthy the ability to use their vast amounts of money to control the elected officials that are supposed to run the government of the United states of America. They succeeded.

The wealthy are now running the government of the USA. Who are they governing for? Why the wealthy people. Who are they ignoring? The vast population of the United States of America, the poor people and the vast middle class of the country.

There are a huge number of poor people on this gob of mud that we live on. I don’t know the number of poor people in Africa, but I know they are many. Their struggle for living is an unbelievable task. Properly raising their children is a task beyond understanding, but the children keep arriving and the ability to raise them is still not understood.

Are we our brother’s keeper? Deep in our hearts we all know that answer. We are Good Samaritans. We give aid to the traveler fallen at the side of the road. Yet a good portion of this world is made up of fallen travelers at the side of the road; and we walk right on by.

Some of us have blue eyes and many of us have different colored eyes, but we are all sisters or brothers. It is our responsibility to care for our sisters and brothers who may be laying along side of the road. Listening to the news you must realize that we are not doing anything to help the many fallen brothers and sisters.

I have often wondered why my fellow brothers and sisters involve themselves with dope. I have had a good life and have always been able to raise myself to the heights that I desired without the aid of artificial assistance.

Within the confines of our brains we can construct avenues of existence to take us to places of learning and understanding. No one needs to be lost in the forest of ignorance. One of our great problems is that we don’t use the vast wisdom contained within our skulls. Einstein once said that within our brains we can travel at the speed of light. There is nothing that a person cannot do within their brain.

One spring day in 1946 I was sitting in a taxi on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania when I was fortunate enough to see Einstein walk by on the sidewalk across the street from the taxi. I did not recognize him at first but as he approached nearer, I observed his mouth was moving. He was looking ahead about ten feet at the sidewalk and talking to himself. When I thought about it afterward, I was sure he was attempting to solve some complicated physical problem on his way home from work. We should all be solving problems on the way home from work.

If we are to survive on this little glob of mud, we call earth or on some other planet we must all begin to work our wonderful brains seeking the solution to our problem. I don’t believe that the dinosaurs ever thought they would see the end of their earthly existence. Man is standing on the hill of atomic explosion’s that may carry us all to dinosaur land.

John Robinson, Hamilton


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