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    Sadness engulfs me. It drips fatigue. Truth is scorned, events are ignored and altered to fit a narrative of belief, rooted in the past. Past experiences, past desires, past outrages reign. Alternative realities have been fabricated and believed.

      If you saw the legal notice regarding the Burnt Fork Estates Subdivision in the Bitterroot Star, page 16 of the Aug. 26, 2020, paper, you saw a meeting on Sept. 3, with the Planning and Zoning Board and three subsequent hearings with the Town Council.

        Gov. Phil Murphy repeatedly has claimed that his decisions about when to allow what parts of New Jersey’s economy to resume are predominantly data driven. Yet he provides neither the data nor medical experts to talk about specific studies and statistics that supposedly form the basis for his many emergency orders the past five months.

          The spread of the coronavirus and the response to it are almost unique among modern challenges in putting a burden on all the people of Earth. All governments at all levels too are already or will be strained by increased costs and reduced revenue.

          It’s both humbling and gratifying to see the community come together for the River. On August 10th, the Bitter Root Water Forum hosted our annual River Clean Up. From Sula and Painted Rocks to Missoula, volunteers headed to the River to float or walk sections and pick up trash they found.

          I'll start with another quote. It's from Google and expresses the meaning intended by Yeats way back in 1919. “It means chaos is descending upon the world; the forces that should bring order are failing to do so … and if it doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you may, i…

          I was taught in forestry school to analyze problems and opportunities by gathering all the data available and find a solution or make a decision after doing a rational analysis of the information and removing as much emotion as possible. Emotion can and often does cloud or confuse a sound analysis.

          I read Theresa's Manzella's Op-Ed and did not find it to be slanderous. She focused on facts. For Nancy Ballance to ask the Central Committee to form a sub-committee to study writing rules into the bylaws that granted the Central Committee some ability to punish bad behavior of errant candid…

          “On August 8th 2019, President Trump authorized the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to arrest 680 undocumented workers in Mississippi. A more efficient strategy is to focus federal resources on improving conditions at the southern border, processing legal immigration claims more quickl…


          The Buffalo News has been part of the Buffalo community since XXXX. Our reporters are fellow Buffalonians who live and breathe this city. From tailgating at a Bills game to … (text to be provided by Meredith) Check out these stories that we’ve highlighted below.

          Ever since the Supreme Court told us ignorant people that corporations were people too, and, could contribute as much money as they desired to help candidates get elected to public office, I lost my respect for the Supreme Court.

          When Donald Trump wishes to defend his bigotry, he calls people of color “racists.” When U.S. Sen. Steve Daines wishes to defend whatever he’s working on for the wealthy, he calls those who oppose him “radical.” And when state Sen. Fred Thomas wishes to return the U.S. Census to the way it w…

          Rather than helping Montana regain a second U.S. House seat, Republican Sen. Fred Thomas has chosen to take partisan political potshots and spread misinformation surrounding the Trump administration’s now abandoned plan to include a “citizenship question” on the 2020 Census.

          As the Districting and Apportionment Commission begins their work, I am encouraged by the leadership of the commission’s presiding officer – Sheila Stearns. After speaking with her early on, I believe the Montana Supreme Court did a fine job in selecting her for this important role.

          Watching the residents of Hong Kong today should make us stop and think. The residents of Hong Kong are standing up singing American patriotic songs and waving American Flags, while here in America we have protesters blaming America for all the sins of the world. The citizens of Hong Kong ar…

          I am grateful today, Sunday, August 11th, for Theresa Manzella’s op. ed. about standing on principles in the “Ravalli Republic.” She is upset with the Republicans in the Montana Legislature who did not always vote with their party this year, specifically on Medicaid Expansion. She seems to b…

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