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Could you use a pro around the house?

We’ve all spent more time around our homes this year. And being even a little bit isolated in a place can cause you to see its flaws more clearly.

Could use a little paint here. Might need to clean a carpet there. Maybe it’s time for a new light fixture in the kitchen? A new faucet in the bathroom? A new door handle on that closet door?

Home, garden, cooking, decorating. Our Pros to Know features, available to you as a member, can help you learn when the best time is to make those moves, where to look, and even how to do it.

In case you missed them, here are some of the Pros to Know stories from recent weeks:

  • How to store fresh garden basil.

  • How to find the perfect trampoline for backyard fun.

  • How to take care of granite countertops.

  • 7 easy styling tricks for a cleaner-looking home.

Each week, our Pros to Know content appears on your Home & Garden page through the week, but reaches most readers on the weekends.

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