A draft document designed to help Montana battle invasive species is open to public comment.

The Montana Invasive Species Council  has unveiled its draft guidelines in a 39-page document detailing management efforts intended to prevent the target species from establishing or spreading. 

The goals of these guidelines are to encourage:

• A well-coordinated rapid response;

• Collection and sharing of data in an organized way for informed decision making;

• That the extent of infestations is determined;

• Consideration of all control options;

• Preventing the further spread of invasive species;

• Transparent decision making;

• Coordinated and timely reporting, outreach and education to stakeholders and public;

• Economic and ecological damage from incident are mitigated.

The final guidelines will be submitted to MISC in October 2019.

The public comment period ends on Aug. 13. Public comment can be submitted electronically to Stephanie Hester, council coordinator, at shester@mt.gov or by mail to DNRC, CARDD, PO Box 201601, Helena, MT 59620.