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From Attorney General to Governor: Steve Bullock's rise through Montana politics

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From Attorney General to Governor: Steve Bullock's rise through Montana politics
Mental Health

Attorney General Steve Bullock announces in Feb. 2010 that about $9.5 million will be put into a new trust to aid people with mental illnesses that was secured through a settlement agreement between the state and pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly over the marketing and sale of the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa.

MLEA new building

Attorney General Steve Bullock, gives a round of applause in June 2010, to all those who helped make the new Karl Ohs Education Center a reality during the dedication of the first new building in the 50 years history of the Montana Law Enforcement Academy.

sex violence rally

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock speaks at a celebration of the Montana plan to prevent intimate partner and sexual violence which was held in the capitol rotunda.

Governor Primary

Democratic primary winner Steve Bullock talks to his running mate John Walsh, right, and Daniel Chamberlain In June 2012 at Hub Coffee.

Democrat rally

From left Democratic candidates Kim Gillan, Jon Tester, Steve Bullock, Pam Bucy, Denise Juneau, Monica Lindeen and John Walsh hold their hands high in solidarity during a rally celebrating each candidate's Montana values they aniticipate will carry them across the finish line in November.

2012 election night

Steve Bullock thanks his family for all their support after winning the office of governor in Nov. 2012.

Gov. Steve Bullock and his wfe Lisa Bullock

Gov. Steve Bullock and his wfe Lisa Bullock walk up the steps of the Capitol after his inaugration ceremony in Jan. 2013.

Governor-Elect Steve Bullock

Governor-elect Steve Bullock poses for a photo in the rotunda on the Montana State Capitol in Dec. 2012.


Steve Bullock took over the office Montana Governor Monday January 7, 2013.

gov & FWP

Montana Governor Steve Bullock talks with state park warden Maleri Schultz and Scott Stevens from AmeriCorps at Pictograph Cave State Park in April 2013 before signing House Bill 24 which creates the State Parks and Recreation Board.

Governor's Cup 2013

Montana Governor Steve Bullock races in the 2013 Governor's Cup half-marathon.


Gov. Steve Bullock speaks at a Memorial Day service in May 2014.

Helping hand at the holidays

From left, Alexandria, Steve and Caroline Bullock fill meal packs at the Helena Food Share Wednesday. Just ahead of Thanksgiving Day, the Bullock family pitched in to lend a hand at the Food Share sweeping, packing meals and distributing food to clients.

Early Edge Montana rally

"Let them learn" is the message Elke Govertsen and Gov. Steve Bullock were pushing during the Early Edge Montana rally in Jan. 2015 at the state Capitol.

HELP Act Signing

Gov. Steve Bullock, center, signs the Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act in April 2015 at the Capitol in Helena as bill sponsor Republican Sen. Ed Buttrey, left, of Great Falls looks on.

Gov. Steve Bullock takes a photo of a CH-47 Chinook

Gov. Steve Bullock takes a photo of a CH-47 Chinook during a water drop mission on the Marston fire of the Kootenai fire complex in northwest Montana in Aug. 2015.

Gov. Steve Bullock thanks soldiers i

Gov. Steve Bullock thanks soldiers in Aug. 2015 for their work on the wildfires in northwest Montana.

Gov. Bullock makes 80 mph official

With assistance from Department of Transportation employees, Gov. Steve Bullock mounts a new 80 mph speed limit sign along Interstate 15 just south of the Lincoln Road exit in this file photo.

Gov. Steve Bullock

Gov. Steve Bullock talks with members of the Riverside Builders Club, including Amanda Steele, left, Karlee Simcox, center, and Alyssa Munson, right, on Feb. 10. Bullock attended a fundraiser after his visit to Riverside and to a TV station where he gave an interview.

Gov. Steve Bullock makes his re-election campaign official

Gov. Steve Bullock makes his re-election campaign official Monday afternoon with the shake of Secretary of State Linda McCulloch’s hand at the Capitol in Helena.


Gov. Steve Bullock thanks Ret. CW4 Harold Smith during a ceremony honoring Vietnam veterans on the south lawn of the Capitol.


Gov. Steve Bullock eats lunch with a six-person Montana Conservation Corps crew Monday afternoon below the summit of Mount Helena. The MCC crew has been working on 1200 feet of trail named the Andy Trail, in honor of the former Prickly Pear Land Trust director Andy Bauer.

Debate 4

Gubernatorial candidates Greg Gianforte, left, and Steve Bullock shake hands after the Montana Gubernatorial Debate on Monday in Billings.

news; Bullock

Lisa Bullock hugs her husband, Gov. Steve Bullock, after the announcement that he had won another term. 

Rabbis 1

From left, Rabbis Mendy Cohen of Sacremento, Calif., Barry Nash of Missoula, Chaim Bruk of Bozeman and Shmuel Herzfeld of Washington D.C. offer Gov. Steve Bullock, center, a copy of the Chumash Wednesday morning during a meeting between the governor and a delegation of rabbis concerned about recent anti-Semitism in the state.

Feature photo: Gov. Bullock promotes reading aloud at Smith Elementary

Gov. Steve Bullock reads to students of Smith Elementary, his alma mater, Tuesday morning as a part of the One School One Book event, which aims to “highlight the benefits of reading aloud with children.” “We know that the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success is whether a child can read at grade level by third grade." Bullock said. "That is why it is so important to engage students and their families with efforts like One School One Book to build students’ listening skills, vocabulary and language skills, and develop imagination and creativity.” 

Public Lands Rally

Gov. Steve Bullock takes the podium, citing public lands as an equalizer where anyone can go to recreate. 

Irish Heritage Celebration at the State Capitol

Gov. Steve Bullock raised the tricolor Irish flag in front of the state Capitol on St. Patrick's Day 2017.

Gov. Steve Bullock watches as pallbearers carry the casket of deputy Mason Moore into Three Forks High School Tuesday afternoon.

Gov. Steve Bullock watches as pallbearers carry the casket of deputy Mason Moore into Three Forks High School Tuesday afternoon.

Bullock and bear spray

Gov. Steve Bullock, right, demonstrates the use of bear spray Friday at the Capitol, along with FWP education manager Laurie Wolfe and Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney. Research shows that bear spray is more effective than a firearm during a high-stress encounter, Wolfe said.

Governor Bullock joins workers locked out of Imerys Talc

Gov. Steve Bullock stands with children holding picket signs as a semitruck leaves Imerys Talc America at the Three Forks talc-milling plant in August 2018.

A move that has long been awaited

From left, Governor Steve Bullock, Rep. Ryan Lynch (in vertically striped vest), Rep. Jim Keane, and Attorney General Tim Fox participate in the ceremonial moving of dirt Thursday morning on the Parrot tailings behind the Civic Center in Butte.

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