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Rexford Robinson

Rexford Allen Robinson

A 24-year-old University of Montana student is being held on allegations that he beat his girlfriend repeatedly, held a gun to her face and forced her to sign a document reportedly allowing his abuses. 

Rexford Allen Robinson, held in Missoula County jail on $50,000 bail, is charged with two counts of partner family member assault (his second and third offenses), two counts of assault with a weapon and tampering with a witness.

The university has since suspended Robinson and issued an order prohibiting him from campus. 

University of Montana police first received reports of the abuse on Oct. 4, according to charging documents filed Wednesday. A male friend of the woman told officers she had come to his home every night the prior week, and that he had documented her injuries — a visible black eye and red welts on her back from where she said her boyfriend struck her with a belt. 

The woman initially told officers on Oct. 4 she was seeing Robinson, but that nothing violent had occurred. After they left, the woman told her friend Robinson came to her home, cut her cheek with a knife, and said he would cut her again if she talked to the police at all, according to charging documents. 

Police met with the woman again after her friend's second report, and the woman reported Robinson had first punched her in the face in September when she went to his dorm to watch a movie. She said Robinson told her on Oct. 2, when he had allegedly beaten her with a belt, that he would stop hitting her if she signed a document saying it was OK for him to hit her.

She signed the document, and later told police he also held a gun to her face that night. 

A common thread in the woman's reports was Robinson's drinking when he struck her. 

After a Missoula police detective obtained a search warrant for Robinson's dorm room, authorities reported finding a knife matching the woman's description of it in his room. They also reported finding the "contract" Robinson made her sign.

University of Montana communications director Paula Short issued a statement Wednesday on Robinson's status at the university.

"Rexford Robinson has been suspended from the University of Montana and the university has issued an order prohibiting him from coming onto university property. A UMPD officer delivered notification of these actions to Mr. Robinson at the Missoula County Detention Center earlier today."

If convicted on all counts, Robinson could face more than 55 years in state prison. 

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