As a graduate of Corvallis School, a retired teacher, and a resident of Corvallis School District, I support the Corvallis Teachers 100 percent in their challenge to get a signed contract with the Corvallis School District/Board.

I spent 25 years teaching school and experiencing our negotiating committee working to get an acceptable contract with the school district. Some years it was difficult, but not what I have read in the newspaper and talked with Corvallis teachers.

It is very interesting that Corvallis School has sent out their annual school newsletter to residents announcing the accomplishments of Corvallis students. There are many, many outstanding students at Corvallis in both the academic and athletic area.

Why have those students earned so many honors? Of course, it is the teachers/coaches and support staff that are the driving force to the success of the students. Facilities, administration and staff make up that combination for success, but it is the teachers in the classroom that are responsible for the education of the students.

What happens to the great teachers that you have at Corvallis if they can’t pay for their insurance and don’ t have a living wage? They will leave the school district and find a good paying teaching job elsewhere. What will your students think if they have a turnover of teachers each year because of the low salary or are unable to pay for their high insurance premiums?

It has been noted that there are teacher positions that have been reduced when enrollment declined. Were any administration positions reduced?

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For a budget to work, there needs to be a balance of administration/teachers/staff/facilities. Enrollment is up at Corvallis and that is increased money for the district through Average Number Belonging (ANB) from the state. That money should reflect a wage and insurance increase for the classroom teacher.

Why did the mill levy fail? There was very little advertisement and information about what the levy was for and what it would cost each homeowner. The lack of information was one cause for the levy to fail.

Why was there no contract signed with the Board of Trustees and teachers by the time school started this fall? The cost of living raises each year for everyone including teachers and you can’ t expect your dedicated employees to live on a wage from last year and still pay for increases in insurance and basic living expenses.

Parents/and community members please support your teachers and encourage the School

Board to do the right thing and bring to the table an increase that the teachers can live on!

– Mary (Curdy) Rodriguez, Corvallis