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Now is the time for a significant act of righteousness and to put the admonition, “thou shalt not kill”, into action.

We must act soon to permanently abolish the death penalty in Montana.

Relevant legislation will be introduced to the process in January 2017. Our great state would be further distinguished by abolition of this archaic practice. The death penalty is not a large numerical issue in Montana since, thank God, we have few on “death row.” It is, however, big to the few and to our moral/ethical consciousness. The death penalty is on legal “hold” in Montana as uncertainty about drugs for lethal injection has become and continues to be an issue.

The moral/ethical position: Abolish the death penalty because it is the right thing to do.

“Thou shalt not kill.” We need to put this into action related to the violence worldwide. In few instances do we have the power to control killing, but abolition of capital punishment is one.

There are rare instances of mistakes. Infrequently persons, who are later shown to be innocent, have been on death row awaiting execution. Some have, no doubt, been executed and proven innocent later.

Family and loved ones of victims often favor life imprisonment over death and find solace in mercy.

The death penalty has not been a deterrent to crime nor is there evidence that its abolition promotes or facilitates crime.

Is the person convicted and sentenced the same person who awaits execution often many years after sentencing? It’s a privilege given mankind to be able to change.

Spare the executioner the experience of executing. Imagine such a job.

Another position: Abolish the death penalty because it’s the responsible thing to do.

It costs society more to carry out a death penalty than to maintain a life sentence in terms of monetary costs of appeals, etc. Proposed is no death penalty, but life in prison without parole. It would cost less.

Lethal injection is not the merciful means of killing envisioned. About seven percent are “botched”. The availability of drugs used to kill has been an issue for some time and recently Pfizer’s refusal to provide drugs it manufactures to kill makes a statement.

Not unexpectedly there are pros and cons on these points, but I have chosen the position that suits my moral conscience. See for a ten point argument.

For your personal reasons please support efforts to abolish capital punishment in Montana by:

Writing to representatives of your district simply stating your support for bills abolishing capital punishment.

If you want more information please contact us. We’ll try to help.

– Mary Darby,