Donald Trump visits Billings

In this 2016 file photo, then-candidate Donald Trump speaks to thousands of supporters at Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings.

After reading Marty Essen’s fact less, ranting diatribe in the Ravalli Republic’s Jan. 13, 2017 edition concerning President-elect Trump, I had to respond to his inaccurate statements.

First, let’s consider his statement that Obama is arguably the best U.S. president in 50 years. In reality, Obama is the worst president in our lifetime and perhaps ever. Obama and his administration have:

1. Doubled the national debt of all other presidents combined, in only eight of the last 240 years, to nearly $20 trillion.

2. Ruined our economy such that nearly 96 million people gave up looking for jobs that don’t exist as a result of Obama’s leading from behind style of leadership.

3. Squandered our position as the leader of the free world since it is obvious that friendly nations no longer respect us.

4. Created conditions wherein our adversaries no longer fear us- as illustrated by Obama drawing a red line in Syria’s sand and then ignoring that crossed red line- allowing Russia’s Putin to establish a big foothold in the Middle East.

5. Negotiated a deal with Iran (actually gave Iran everything they wanted) that essentially will enable Iran to become a world nuclear power in several years.

6. Signed the costly, self- imploding Obamacare after questionable Congressional approval tactics, then lied about if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, etc.

7. Played legislator in chief by issuing many presidential regulations and executive orders.

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More such detail could be listed, but why waste the time of logically thinking Bitterrooters? They already understand that Obama’s presidency was/is a flop! However, it must be noted that Obama was a huuuge success at one thing- his daft leadership encouraged the electorate to vote Republican. Republicans not only won the presidency, but they maintained majority leadership/control in both houses of Congress, and won about 1,000 seats in state governments. What a success story for Republicans. Based upon all the above facts, I can’t imagine even one intellectually honest adult who would suggest that Obama was arguably the best U.S. president in 50 years.

Essen goes on a rant by stating “The Republican politicians in office had one goal in mind- power. And they had no qualms about putting party before country to achieve their goal. As for Republican voters, there is a reason the GOP, Fox News, and fake news creators have targeted them. They are, perhaps, the biggest suckers to ever walk the planet. Not only can they be convinced to vote against their own interests, but they can also be convinced to believe practically any conspiracy theory put before them.”

Boy isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Even if Essen is correct, everyone should concede that Republicans don’t have a corner on that market. Further, the main stream media has a far larger number of reporters than Fox News and a larger gullible audience.

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Marty, the only embarrassing time in recent history for Republicans is that the American electorate and Democratic majority was not sufficiently wise to reject Obama the first time, let alone the second time. Obama fools a sucker once, shame on Obama. Obama fools a sucker twice, shame on the sucker.

In Essen’s discussion about Republican voters, he states that “In electing Donald Trump, they will forever be known as the people who voted with the Klu Klux Klan and were the pawns of Vladimir Putin. They also sold out the possibility of anyone ever taking their claims of being a Christian seriously again. Think about it. Donald Trump is exactly the self-serving, greedy rich man that Jesus preached against in the Bible. And people like Donald Trump weren’t some fringe issue for Jesus either. They were a huuuge issue! Consequently, Republicans can no longer honestly declare that ‘Republican values are Christian values.’ Instead their values are merely ’whatever is convenient.’”

Oh, I get it- it dawns on me that Marty is tired of his current profession and is thinking of becoming a preacher, a la Obama’s previous pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Marty, thanks for suggesting that Republicans enjoy their win. It is way past time for responsible leadership to return to the White House. Let there be no doubt, there is so much damage that Obama and his administration have inflicted upon our constitutional republic- both at home and our reputation abroad, that conservative Republicans will have to be very efficient in getting everything repaired on a timely basis. Conservatives are looking forward to the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency that will make America great again.

I too am looking forward to the November 2020 election when Trump’s successes- accomplished via his and Congress’ conservative/constitutional values, will assure his thumping of any Democratic challenger.

– Jerry Haslip, Victor