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Trapping is a priority for Sen. Jennifer Fielder, R-Thompson Falls.

Her husband is a leader of the Montana Trappers Association. In addition to her mission to transfer public lands to the state as CEO, American Lands Council, she now seeks to protect trapping under Montana’s Constitution with SB236.

Trapping causes immense, indiscriminate suffering. Trapping is managed as “recreation.”

I ask you, who recreates by torturing animals? Furs are sold for profit, violating the North American Wildlife Conservation Model. Had the drafters of the Constitution intended to protect trapping, they would have done so in the 90 or so times they mentioned hunting and fishing.

The trappers are adept at lies. Their favorite is the falsehood that people who oppose trapping want to take away hunting and fishing rights. Many hunters and fishermen support a ban on trapping because they have seen the torture trapping inflicts.

Our furbearers are important and deserve protection. This is not 1830. Our Montana economy depends heavily on tourism (not fur trade), and tourists want to see wildlife. As everyone knows, many ‘unintended’ species are also caught in traps, including dogs, hawks, and eagles.

Although I-177 did not pass, more than 282,000 people voted for it. We are getting closer to making history as the ninth state to ban trapping. Humane, respectful treatment of animals (and humans) is an evolving process.

Let’s defeat Fielder’s attempt to protect an antiquated and barbaric practice.

Please contact the Senate Fish and Game committee today to oppose SB 236. Call 406-444-4800. Our Constitution does not need an amendment to protect this special interest.

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

– Peg Brownlee, Florence