Treasurer election

This letter is in regards to the recent running for Ravalli County Treasurer by Mary Hudson-Smith for the Republican Party.

Mary Hudson-Smith is a registered and out-spoken Democrat running on the Republican side of the ticket for one reason - to run unopposed against our current county treasurer JoAnne Johnson - the very same person who played a huge roll in hiring and developing her in the workplace.

I am a 17-year Ravalli county employee who has worked under the leadership of JoAnne Johnson all of those years. JoAnne has proven herself to be a very professional, honorable, and fair county treasurer. In my personal experience, I can tell you that Mary Hudson-Smith does not know enough about the treasurer's office to hold this position for the county.

Mary Hudson-Smith knows how to stand at the tax counter and receive your property tax payment. I have witnessed her being rude to customers if you have a dispute, concern, or even sometimes a simple question about your tax bill. She knows how to send people away to come back later if you don't know or simply cannot remember your "tax ID number," which is easily found in our computer system. This includes sending the elderly and disabled folks away too.

What I also witness is that Mary Hudson-Smith does not comprehend the actual day to day duties of the county treasurer. She doesn't have the knowledge or experience on how this position works with other county departments and financial institutions.

Another problem is that Mary Hudson-Smith doesn't know anything about our motor vehicle division of the treasurer's office, including our new computer system, MERLIN, which has been a challenge to master. She is unequipped and unqualified to help in this very essential area of the treasurer's office.

My reason for writing this letter is to let the citizens of Ravalli County know that in my own personal experience and what I know to be true, Mary Hudson-Smith does not have the qualifications or the experience to be your county treasurer.

When you vote this coming election, please don't just vote for your party, know who you are voting for.

If it is knowledge and experience you want, re-elect JoAnne Johnson because when it comes right down to it, experience counts and politeness costs so litte!

Tami Kay Morgan

Ravalli County Deputy Treasurer

Liberty Bell Convention

Not wanting to rake coals over a dead fire. Speaking of the Liberty Bell Convention [LBC]: Who is or are these LBC people? Or more to the point, who funded the LBC? The Adams Field House doesn't come cheap, [$13,487.16] plus, all the food and concessions.

They planned for a crowd of 2,000-5,000 attendees. Only 250 showed up, What did they do with all that leftover food? (Do you think the excess went to the Poverello Center?) Since "they" were expecting such a crowd, "they" must have reserved some parking facilities. Who paid for that? There were; fees for speakers, insurance,[$3,000] honorarium ,etc. Who paid for all this and how much did it cost? Safe to say it was in the thousands of dollars.

The citizens of Montana aren't interested in their fringe conspiratorial agenda, as shown by the attendance, but who is funding, feeding us their extremist minority rhetoric? I'm happy to see most Montanans aren't interested in their right wing rhetoric.

Nancy Oesau