I will not hesitate in denouncing the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

If you advertise that you are a cake baker, then you bake cakes for anyone who wants a cake. You can tell them you are too busy if you don’t want to bake their cake, but you can’t tell them it is against your religion. Everyone has a right to any religious beliefs they want to hold but you can’t force your religious beliefs on anyone else.

Holding yourself out as a cake baker is not a religion as far as I know, but then there could be a cake baking religion that I haven’t heard of and I know there are a lot of religions that I haven’t heard of.

I worked in a gas station for a few years and we had a religion that said we don’t put gas in automobiles that have Jesus Saves stickers on their rear bumper. We had that religion because a person who had that sticker on their rear bumper drove off in a hurry before they had paid for the gas. We concluded that all the Jesus Saves people were gas thieves.

If a car came in with a Jesus Saves sticker on the bumper we would make them roll down the driver’s side window and we would shout at the driver: “Get the out of here. We don’t sell gas to Jesus Saves people.”

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One of the drivers sued us and six years later when the case got to the Supreme Court of the United States of Trumpville, the court said: “You can’t refuse to sell gas to people because of their religious beliefs because people can believe anything they want.”

They now believe that the Trump family is the royal family of America, as it says on the statute in the grave yard where the Trump family buried the Constitution of the United States of America.

We are living in a different world. Get used to it.

—John Robinson, Hamilton