In response to the report about Hawaii ("Doctor-assisted suicide close to becoming law in Hawaii," March 29).

Sadly, House Bill 2739 is going to the Hawaii governor. This bill misleads and uses doublespeak throughout. Countering the first statement, it should say that over 20 states have rejected this in 2017-'18.

Allowing an heir to be one of the witnesses in the sign-up process eviscerates flaunted safeguards. These "rigorous safeguards” are unenforceable.

The lie of "self administered,” mentioned 11 times, is used to deflect normal scrutiny while the provision to have an ordinary witness to the administration is missing.

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Specifically, active euthanasia is allowed (page 30, line 16, and page 33, lines 8 and 9), which makes this the most unsafe and subject to abuse of all the states, counter to the author’s claim.

Again, like previous offerings, this process can start and end in death in 16 days, all before the rest of the family learns. Immunity for predatory corporations, heirs, strangers, guardians, caregivers is immediate and records are prohibited to be used in investigations.

Political doublespeak misleading the public should be held to the same standard as false advertising.

— Bradley Williams, president, Montanans Against Assisted Suicide, Hamilton