With the citizens’ decision to revert back to three county commissioners, Schallenberger and Hawke have withdrawn from the 2018 race. This leaves Burrows, Chilcott and Hoffman. These five commissioners ignored and minimized the voices of their constituents – think Valerie Stamey, Legacy Ranch, the airport plan. It’s time for these last three to go!

Burrows was the handpicked appointment of Foss and Stoltz, brought in to rubberstamp their ignorant views. Burrows saw the writing on the wall and publicly, in words only, moderated his stance. Too many people fell for his BS and he was re-elected. “Fool me once……” you know the rest.

Apparently Burrows was an understudy to Chilcott who fine-tuned the art of ignoring facts, think recent WSA meetings. Truly a man comfortable ignoring his constituents while doing the bidding of a select few.

Hoffman did a good job as sheriff. Commissioner Hoffman has done nothing to distinguish himself as anything but a rubber stamp to the Republicans.

We have an opportunity to elect commissioners who will be responsive to the will and the wishes of the citizens of Ravalli County. Let’s not blow it again.

— Mark Van Loon, Hamilton