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    Joshua Abraham Norton was born around 1815 in England. When he was quite young, his family immigrated to South Africa where his father led a small Jewish community. After his father died in 1848, Norton inherited all $40,000 of his father’s estate. He decided to cash in on the American gold …

    Here’s what people are uncovering in Ravalli Republic newspaper archives. Search our historical issues for obituaries, marriage and birth announcements, social pages and local sports. To see more and subscribe, visit

    Take a look at the history behind Montana's statehouse, the Montana State Capitol, from its original (and abandoned) design, to its status today as one of the state's iconic symbols.

    Just a few years before Billings became the "Magic City," another town served as the area's commercial hub. Coulson was a riverboat town that sat right next to the Yellowstone River near what is today Coulson Park.


    Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

    Montana has had higher education opportunities since before it became a state. Some institutions have seen thousands of students graduate over the years, while some just aren't what they used to be. Check out some Montana colleges that won't be appearing on any more least, not …

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