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Stevensville revamps snow response plan

Stevensville officials recently released a new snow response plan, which is designed to return road surfaces to safe winter driving conditions as soon as possible.

Establishing and communicating general policies and procedures that help make travel within the town limits as safe as possible and to minimize economic hardship during and after winter storm events is the centerpiece of the Town of Stevensville’s revamped snow response plan.

Mayor Brandon Dewey and other officials recently rolled out the new plan, which is designed to return road surfaces to safe winter driving conditions as soon as feasibly possible within the limitations of this of the town’s limited resources and weather conditions., incorporate best practices, and most importantly, respond to citizen concerns.

“Within our available budget, staffing and equipment resources, we’ll respond in a cost-effective manner appropriate to the anticipated accumulation levels of snow and ice on town streets necessary to facilitate safe travel,” said Dewey. “The town is committed to effective and efficient winter maintenance to its citizens. And, we’re going to ask our citizens to collaborate with us to allow everyone to get around in winter weather more easily.”

The town will implement the revamped plan for this winter but anticipates that refinement could be needed along the way. Here’s a look at the key changes.


• When it snows, even if it’s just an inch or two, crews will plow and maintain priority routes first, then move to residential streets. To hold down costs, crews will complete this work primarily during regular day shifts Monday through Friday.

• During a larger snowfall of four inches or more, crews will move to 24/7 operations to complete a full-city plow with increased staffing levels and more equipment.

Parking Changes

• Citizens will be asked to park off the street, if possible, in residential areas during snowfall events. The goal is to make it easier for citizens to comply with parking rules and aid plow drivers with their work.

• Citizens must move recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers off the street to winter storage locations. If these vehicles are not moved, plows may not be able to safely clear snow from the street.

Collaboration on Sidewalks

•  Property owners remain responsible for clearing the sidewalk adjacent to their properties. The Town is asking citizens to clear a 36-inch path to allow school children, disabled individuals, bus riders, and other pedestrians to move safety through the community. The goal is to complete that work within 24 hours of a snowfall.

• Sidewalks in commercial areas must be cleared by 9 a.m. 

• Please do not place snow from sidewalks or driveways in the street.

• Not everyone is capable of shoveling. Neighbors are asked to help one another with snow clearing. Senior or disabled individuals also can call 311 to help get connected with volunteer services that may be able to help.


•  The town will share information before and during the snow season, providing information with the local media and through a variety of communication tools from social media to news media to the town’s web site.

•  Staff will update online social media and our website more frequently during 24/7 operations to give citizens better information on snow plowing progress.