Congressional candidate Tim Johnson

Congressional candidate Tim Johnson of Corvallis is running for Montana’s U.S. House seat.

Corvallis Superintendent Tim Johnson has filed to run as a Republican for a Montana’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in the election to be decided November 2020. 

Johnson loves the outdoors, has had a 20-year career in education and has been considered serving Montana from a larger platform.

“Over the past several years there has been a growing concern about issues that affect us in Montana and I think I would like to contribute,” Johnson said Tuesday. “I see we aren’t working together to resolve issues for more people. I see an emotional temper tantrum happening over closely held solutions that some folks have in Washington.”

Johnson said, “we need to be better at communications” and is developing a platform for his campaign. He has “five big concerns” and currently has three defined on his website — civility, pro-life and education.

“Being an educator for over 20-years is something I’m passionate about,” Johnson said. “Across all age groups and experiences, we all understand what education is like. We’ve all been educated at some level or another and this is the basis of what we do every day. Education is a very important part of national discourse.”

Johnson said that civility has suffered and that it is a “reflection of how we look at each other.”

“As one person to another we begin to devalue the person whose ideas we disagree with and now we’re starting to make the person disagreeable in our minds,” he said. “That’s coming out in the way we are civil or not civil toward each other.”

On his website, he defines civility as more than being cordial.

“Civility is the ability to genuinely listen to ideas, even disagreeable ideas, while always maintaining the high value for the person sharing the ideas,” Johnson said.

The third item on Johnson’s platform is pro-life.

He shared that his view takes in a “larger look.”

“I’m pro-life but I call it whole-life,” Johnson said. “Life begins at conception, but as an educator our concern for the child begins at conception and continues all through childhood. We need that concern and investment from the beginning and all the way through until they become an adult.”

Johnson will continue as superintendent of Corvallis through the 2019-2020 school year, campaigning on weekends.

“I am committed to my full-time job,” he said. “In June of 2020 I’ll step away from education. My weekends are booked. I think that’s a workable solution, my job is a very high priority and I don’t diminish it. The education calendar and the running for office calendar don’t line up so it will be stressful for me.”

Johnson said that his website (www.timjohnsonformontana.com) will be expanded.

“One of the interesting this is that you have to file the paperwork and only then can you do the financial things,” he said. “It’s a matter of order.”

Johnson had the official kick-off of his campaign Thursday in Hamilton.