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Rafe Pearlman  with guitar

Rafe Pearlman, known as a strong, soulful, and spiritual singer and composer, will perform at the Center for Spiritual Life in Hamilton on Nov. 16, and will speak and sing at their Sunday service on Nov. 18.

Rafe Pearlman will perform at the Center for Spiritual Life in Hamilton Nov. 16 and will speak and sing at their Sunday service Nov. 18.

Barb Lucas, co-founder of the Center for Spiritual Life in Hamilton, said she is thrilled for the opportunity and experience to come to Hamilton.

“I’m super excited for the valley to be exposed to Rafe,” she said. “I’ve mentioned it to a few people here and they are excited as well.”

Lucas said she met Pearlman at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle.

“The Center for Spiritual Living has changed their name to the Center for Spiritual Life in Hamilton,” Lucas said. “We changed our affiliation recently to broaden our reach and inclusivity because our spiritual community accepts all paths.”

Lucas called Pearlman a virtuoso with over 20-years of experience as a professional singer.

According to his biography, he was launched into the greater public eye in 2012 with an appearance on America’s Got Talent as lead singer with William Close and the Earth Harp Collective. The group tours with the world's largest stringed instrument and have performed around the world including large festivals from Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

“He has a wilderness background growing up in the Alaskan Bush and brings diversity to our super rural area,” Lucas said. “His voice, his art, his spiritual depth crosses genres and he will bring something unique to us. His voice inspires emotion and moves the spirit.”

Pearlman’s press release said that in Hamilton, he will “be using his dynamic voice, bronze bowls, drums, gongs, rattles, and other organic and electronic instruments to create an ambient concert to transport the listeners into a deeper state of relaxation, leaving the mind-body-and soul more balanced and replenished.”

Lucas said she is “excited about his experience and openness with many, many paths.”

“He can really reach across to people,” she said. “His voice is amazing. He can chant, do Sufi teachings, the Lord’s Prayer in the original Aramaic and is just all over the place. He does basics and Rock and Roll – that’s what I mean by virtuoso.”

Lucas said Pearlman is crafting a special performance for this his first visit to the Bitterroot Valley.

“It is a suggested donation of $20 but no one will be turned away,” Lucas said. “He’ll perform Friday night then be our speaker, singer and story teller at our usual service at 9:30 a.m.”

Attend the performance called a “Sound Journey” beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 16, at the First Christian Church, 328 Fairground Road, in Hamilton.