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Art is funding more art and promoting self esteem at the Corvallis Primary School with an art show and sale Dec. 5 and 7, sponsored by the group Parents At Work in our Schools, or PAWS.

PAWS coordinator Harlene Marks said each teacher selected the art subject and techniques.

“Each class has their artwork on the wall and students have so much pride in their work - it is awesome,” Marks said. “Each picture was framed by Spring Fay and a RAPP Family Foundation grant helped with the costs of the materials.”

The 460 students in grades kindergarten through fourth worked to create their own piece of art by studying a specific artist or subject. Kindergarten created Green Monsters and Kandinsky Trees, first graders made Winger Foxes, second grade made Snowman at Night or Winter Friend, third grade students made Van Gough Sunflowers and Out on a Limb and fourth grade artists made leaf prints and negative space trees.

The show and sale will take place during Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Dec. 5 and 7.

“Parents can make a donation of $5 or any amount for their child’s work and the funds will be used for the Artists in Residency Program, where they do a school-wide art project with a professional artist,” Marks said.

Principal Lisa Nagel thanked PAWS for heading up the project.

“They’ve done such a wonderful job in helping us do this project and bring artists in to the school,” Nagel said. “The parent support group is amazing. Harlene and Tisha Weber have gone above and beyond to do these projects. We appreciate the parents that will come in and support us with any donation.”

First grade teacher Christine Robinson said this is the second annual art show and last year was a success.

“As a teacher, when I look at all the art displayed around the school, there is such a sense of pride and ownership,” Robinson said. “I took my students around to look at all the art and they looked at the projects. I love their comments: ‘They are so realistic’ they say. They pick out their favorites and they are so excited about their art.”

Robinson said that framing student art work elevates it to a new level.

“It makes it something special,” she said. “The kids feel such a sense of pride.”

She said PAWS is dedicated group of parents with a heart for the school.

“Not only are they helping us raise money for our school, they are providing really enriching and unique programs,” Robinson said. “I’m on the Artist in Residency Program committee and we’re discussing the project we want to do. We’re looking at creating a rock garden that is a permanent landscape feature, and this sale will offset those costs.”

Robinson said the PAWS group also uses the funding to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) projects to the school.

“The kids will get a hands-on activity day to do the STEAM project,” she said. “Some classes are already purchasing STEAM project items for their classrooms.”

Robinson said that in is supporting the school, PAWS is fostering relationships among the school, families, and community.

“The real big positive impact is they are raising money by building relationships and connections,” she said.

Fourth grade teacher Michelle Studer said her class did leaf imprints for the art show and sale.

“They took fall leaves, painted the back of them, did imprints, sponge painted around them and used colored pencils. It was fun,” she said. “We’ve been putting a lot more emphasis on art and it gives students who may not be excelling in other subjects a chance to shine. It is neat to watch kids who sometime struggle be super successful.”

Studer said all the students at CPS have a sense of pride in their work.

“They feel good that their work is framed and they have an art show,” she said.

See the art show soon or early during Parent Teacher Conferences, as the art will be purchased by families and taken home.