Fifth grade students at Daly Elementary School have had four days of intensive ski lessons at Lost Trail Powder Mountain thanks to community efforts.

Principal Nate Lant said it has been a fantastic opportunity for the students.

“It is such a great thing because it gets kids out of the classroom and learning life skills, like how to persevere and how to learn a new skill,” Lant said. “It’s like learning a foreign language or how to play the piano. These kids maybe have never had the opportunity.”

Lant said the Daly “Families for Education” parent group provided coats, gloves and transportation costs for the skiers. The Hamilton Middle School “Families for Education” parent group donated $500 to purchase helmets and Bob Wards gave discount rates for their purchase.

“Daly physical education teacher Samanthah Blough coordinated the lessons and fifth-grade teachers, all but one with a health issue, are all skiing with the kids,” Lant said. “Lost Trail is doing a great job of hosting and doing the hands-on teaching. They provided about nine hours of instruction from certified instructors for our students.”

Blough said the first day was a struggle for most students.

“By mid-day of our second time up, it was clear that these students were in love with this sport,” Blough said. “Kids were flying down the bunny hill, arms open like an airplane, stopping suddenly at the end like they had been doing this for years. Suddenly the rope tow was the finish line of a race and an adventure to ride up to the very top.”

Student Taryn Searle said she enjoyed the trips.

“I liked how we got to be with our friends,” Searle said. “I hope the kids next year will be able to go. I also like how we got to go four times. That was the most fun I have ever had on a field trip.”

Student Ella Seltzler agreed.

“The ski trip was probably the best field trip ever,” Seltzler said.

Student Jenna Guisinger said she wished she could go more.

“Going four times is better than not going at all,” Guisinger said.

Student Lily Toenjes asked, “Who knew I loved to ski so much?”

Principal Lant said the ski trips were exciting.

“It is proven from statistics that learning a new skill has great benefits,” Lant said. “Most of our courageous students went from never skiing to traversing green and blue runs like professionals.”

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