Lone Rock Seeks Input on levy

The Lone Rock School District is seeking voter input on priorities for a proposed tax neutral General Fund operations levy, surveys are to be returned by Friday, Jan. 24.

The Lone Rock School District Board is seeking voter input on priorities for a proposed general fund operations levy they hope to add to the school ballot this spring.

On Monday, a Fact Sheet and Survey was mailed to Lone Rock District voters with information about projects identified by the Board and is seeking voter input. Completed survey forms need to be returned in the stamped return envelope via U.S postal service, no later than Friday, Jan. 24.

According to Lone Rock Superintendent Scott Stiegler, Lone Rock School has tremendous support in the community.

“Our students excel because of the personal attention and family-oriented environment of the school,” Stiegler said. “Our facilities, technology, and curriculum need some updating, which is tough to do within existing budgets. This levy will give us the extra funds needed to invest in deferred maintenance, upgrade aging technology, and update our curriculum, among other projects. The School Board seeks input from stakeholders on priorities before making final decisions about the levy."

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The levy is proposed to be tax neutral, meaning no increase in taxes, because a bond passed twenty years ago for the Lone Rock Middle School expires in June 2020. The proposed operations levy would replace the bond payments in the same amount.

Lone Rock School is located on Three Mile Creek Road, about 3.5 miles east of the Eastside Highway between Stevensville and Florence. It serves approximately 200 students in kindergarten through eighth grades and is located within the northern part of the Stevensville High School District. It is a "district within a district," operated and funded independently from the Stevensville School District.

The survey is being conducted by an independent local firm, and individual responses are confidential. For more information, contact Lone Rock School at 406-777-3314.