CHS Choir 5

Shyanne Fisch, Carter Reynoso, Justine Nuttall, Savannah Jessop and Tedd Robinson are just a few of the Corvallis Chanteur Choir and Music Theater students who will perform in medieval costumes for the High Lord’s Entertainment and Desserts event on Dec. 3.

The Corvallis High School Chanteur Choir and Music Theater classes are producing a medieval style concert featuring a night of musical delight, fine desserts and hot beverages.

Corvallis Choir Director Ruth Reneau in in her first year as music educator at Corvallis. She was eager to produce the program.

“Rather than a traditional Madrigal Dinner where a meal is served, we will be providing the entertainment that would be paired with a lavish dessert course,” Reneau said. “We are really excited about the concert this year and are looking forward to expanding it in the future and have this be an annual occurrence.”

The Christmas themed concert includes “African Noel,” “Riu, Riu, Chiu” and a couple of well-known Christmas carols.

Tickets cost $7 each with free admission for children age 5 and under. The ticket price includes access to a dessert bar as well as drinks such as hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Tickets can be purchased at the Corvallis High School office, 1045 Main Street.

The High Lord’s Entertainment and Desserts will be at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 3, at the Cornerstone Bible Church, 280 Fairgrounds Rd, in Hamilton.