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A Little Bit Of This A Little Bit Of That “A New Age Thrift Store” is a new consignment shop in Hamilton offering quality new, used and second-hand items.

Young owners Gary Favaro, 20, and Lexie Varner, 19, started selling items about four years ago simply for the joy of selling.

They started with making a few transactions then then those numbers grew. They found selling exciting and became online sellers on many different sites including Facebook and E-bay.

One day Favaro realized they needed to commit to a business space.

“I called her as she was coming home from school (Varner attends the dental assistant program at Bitterroot College) and said ‘we’re going to open a store,’” Favaro said. “It has always been a dream of hers and mine and it happened in four days.”

“We do this a lot and just got to the point where we can’t do this out of our garage with a four-wheeler in it,” Varner said.

The store happened fast.

“We had the key within three days, had the space painted with in four days, and opened with all our inventory and consignments,” Varner said.

The owners live in Victor and were also coaching youth soccer in Stevensville while establishing the business. They also own a lawn mowing company and clearly have a head for business.

They opened just before Thanksgiving and run the store by themselves with supportive family.

The new age thrift store has items from electronics to collectibles.

“We have furniture, general useable items, and knick-knacks but not many antiques because we’re not going for that we are going for new age thrift,” Favaro said. “We have lightly used, gently used items – some brand new. We have a clean look. This place is always clean, organized and smells good.”

Black Friday was a big day for the new store.

“On Black Friday I had a line four people deep in front of the cash register and more people coming in the door,” Varner said. “We were cleared out then and now, three days later, we already have new things and we have things going out the door today. Ninety-five percent of our stuff is brand new since Black Friday.”

The store features useable items with low prices.

“Everyone has been very happy with us,” Favaro said. “People ask why our prices are so low – we want them to be a good deal for us and a good deal for them.”

He has a consignment contract that speeds up sales and is currently a 60/40 split.

“Basically I put on a proposed price, a total price with no percentage taken out and a reserve price which is basically the minimum the seller will accept,” Favaro said. “It saves the hassle of negotiating with the consignee,”allowing for quicker sales.

Varner said that, so far, they have been successful with their new business on State Street.

“We just love it so much,” Varner said. “We’ve worked hard to get where we’ve gotten and it’s a dream come true. We know we’re renting and know we could fail but we also know this could make us very successful people and are learning so much.”

Many of their customers are returnees – people who have purchased items from them when they were selling out of their house.

At A Little Bit Of This A Little Bit Of That they have kids items, grab bags and fun surprises.

“We have a little bit of everything from men’s items to kid’s toys,” Favaro said. “We want everyone to feel welcome.”

Giving back to the community is a priority and the dynamic duo are selecting a week each month to give 10 percent of all sales to food banks and the Bitterroot Humane Society and soon hope to be able to hire an employee from SAFE in the Bitterroot.

“It’s been a dream of mine to have a business then be able to give back and help people,” Favaro said. “That’s always been huge for me to help give back.”

Past giving has included flowers to local nursing homes and hospital, stuffed animals to children’s hospital in Spokane and donations to an orphanage in Mexico.

Favaro said that, “although we mostly did it out of joy from our home, we quickly realized Hamilton, Montana, needed a new age thrift store with the option of consignments.”

“We offer a nice, clean thrift store and love donating back to the community” he said. “We’re already growing out of this place and we’ve only been here a few days.”

Future goals for the two-room space include adding coffee shop café with seating.

A Little Bit Of This A Little Bit Of That “A New Age Thrift Store” is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 214 State St.,across from the Elks. Call the new business at 406-375-5373 or look them up on Facebook.