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Darby Play

Darby students in grades 4-12 portray a dramatic moment during “Phantom of the Soap-Opera,” a two-act comedy and murder mystery. The show and dinner will be presented Nov. 14-15.

Darby High School will present “Phantom of the Soap-Opera,” a two-act comedy, as dinner theater Nov. 14-15.

Jennifer Burdette, the play's director, said it has been amazing to watch the students pull the play together.

“It has truly been a student-led effort, and our four seniors have really helped all the other students throughout the process,” Burdette said. “We have fourth graders through twelfth graders involved - everyone has helped every step of the way.”

Murder, mysterious disappearances, and movie-set drama bring excitement and intrigue to a soap opera set in Studio 13.

Senior Mackenzie Smith, playing Theadora Osbourne, said everyone hates her character.

“I'm this really rude producer,” Smith said. “I try not to be that kind of person, so it's fun to find my limit of ‘snottiness.’ I think it's fun because you get to develop your own personality and explore other people's personalities (like the characters we portray). We get to be someone new.”

The cast for the “Phantom of the Soap-Opera” includes: Kayla Lambert as Regina Brooks; Ethan Perkins as Teddy Burnett; Lily Heiland as Daphne Davis;Ariana Brubaker as Blythe Evans; Dillon MacIlwraith as Quentin Harris; Gus Harrell as Noah Caine; Rio NortonSam; Andrew Thomas as Addison Meriwether; Elsa Podesta as Emily Parrish; Joslyn Graham as Lily Ponds; Mackenzie Smith as Theodora Osborn; Clay Rouse as Harlan Gaspar; Rio Norton as The Phantom; Nahiya Jennings as Millicent Crump; America Baugus as Nellie Starr; Aaron Hansen as Digby Wright; Caitlin Smith as Eve Potter;  - Nelson Smith is cameraman one; and Dillon Lindquist is cameraman two.

Michael Talley is doing lights and sound, with Kori Rider in charge of props.

Smith said the variety of ages makes the production quite interesting.

"I don't get to interact with these kids all the time, so it's fun to be around a new group of people,” she said. “It's nice to step outside my usual routine and group of friends, especially getting to know the younger students.”

Eighth-grader Ariana Brubaker said, “I think the play will be very interesting and fun. I think it will make people laugh!”

Smith agreed.

“It's a funny play,” she said. “It's isn't easy, it's been challenging in our time frame, and fun to see how well we work under pressure. It's starting to look really good. We have worked really hard, so it would be great to have support. It's fun to see what Darby students can do."

“Phantom of the Soap-Opera,” begins at 6:30 p.m., Nov. 14 and 15, at the Junior High stage, 209 School Drive, in Darby.

Tickets are $12 for dinner and the show. Dinner will feature the talents of Darby Schools Foods Director Dave Thomas and the menu includes chicken alfredo, seafood alfredo, and breadsticks.

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Jennifer Burdette at or 821-3252.