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A Ravalli County Sheriff's Office vehicle is parked in front of Darby Elementary School on Wednesday. 

A community meeting will be held at 7 p.m. tonight in the Darby School Junior High gym regarding this week's shooting threats.

Shelby Rogala, the school's community outreach coordinator, said it will be an informational meeting, with law enforcement and school administrators on hand to explain what happened and answer questions. 

Darby Schools were notified Thursday by Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton that the Snapchat threat on Tuesday has been isolated to an individual in California.

Tuesday’s Snapchat referenced the earlier threats and added new threats.

The earlier threat allegedly came from MacLean William Kayser, an 18-year-old Darby senior, who told a group of friends last week that he was "going to shoot up the school," according to court documents. He was arrested on Monday after students showed authorities Snapchat images linked to a deadly shooting in Florida allegedly from Kayser, at least one of which was labeled "coming soon to Darby."

As of Thursday afternoon, Kayser remains jailed on felony charges of intimidation and assault with a weapon, which was based on statements from him that "caused reasonable apprehension of causing serious bodily injury."

Darby Principal J.P. McCrossin said both Darby Marshall’s Office and Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department came to the same conclusion about Wednesday's Snapchat threat in separate investigations.

“We are grateful for their prompt efforts to determine the source of the threat,” McCrossin said in an email to parents Tuesday evening. “The sheriff's department believes the individual poses no threat to our school. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this challenging situation. The safety of our students and staff remains our highest priority.”

At Darby school, Thursday morning began with a student assembly for grades 8-12 and students in grades K-7 going to their classes as usual. A continued law enforcement presence remains on campus and the school is offering extra support to any student in need.

Darby Superintendent Loyd Rennaker was scheduled to be at a budget training today but opted to stay at the school. He said the school has 70 percent attendance, as some families have chosen to keep their children at home “hoping everything will settle down,” he said.

Rennaker said that on Wednesday, “a large majority of our high school students were checked out, and about 40 percent of the elementary went home.”

Rennaker praised the students who brought information forward and encourages them to continue.

Holton’s press release on Tuesday evening confirmed the investigation is ongoing to identify the suspect and confirm the location origination.

“The investigation into the identity of the suspect is continuing with help from out-of-state law enforcement agencies,” Holton said.

He encourages anyone who has received or notices threats of potential violence to notify the Sheriff’s Office immediately.