“Fishing…the act of jigging, spinning, casting or trolling … while freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing."

I have no idea where this quote came from but I picked it from my friend Den Motoyoshi’s Facebook site. Den is a friend of mine who lives in Spokane, Washington, and is one of the best fishermen and fly tiers that I know.

Even though Den is one of my best friends I have fished with him very little over the years. Mostly because I have not lived in Spokane for over 30 years.

The last time I fished with Den was five years ago when we ventured into Canada to fish together with four other friends from the Spokane area. Whenever I moan and groan about the fishing conditions on the rivers in Montana he will encourage me to come to Spokane and we could fish together on some lakes near Spokane.

Den knows that I don’t particularly like to fish lakes but he still keeps encouraging me anyway. I know that I have shared this before but I spent so much time fishing lakes when I was a kid that I prefer rivers and streams today.

Cooler weather has really brought the Bitterroot water levels down so much that with flows on the East and West Forks we can get on both of them with drift boats and rafts to fish.

Flows are still at about 1,000 cfs but with some serious back rowing the fishing has been pretty good. High water isn’t over yet or even close to being over but as long as the weather stays cool we can get in some good fishing days before it starts to warm up again.

Fishermen who are willing to travel and enjoy lakes can find some good fishing on Brown’s Lake and Clark Canyon Reservoir. The fishing pressure on both of these lakes has been heavy so go prepared to spend some fishing time bumping along with other fishermen.

Georgetown Lake just opened for the season on May 18. The water is still pretty cold there but as the water continues to warm the fishing will pick up and become phenomenal soon.

Special regulations were imposed nearly 20 years ago and the fish are really growing every season. Much of the lakeshore is closed to fishing before July 1st to maximize the rainbows opportunities to grow. Fishermen are allowed to keep only one brook trout each day.

Traveling from Hamilton to Georgetown takes about two and a half hours while traveling to Browns Lake is just a little over two hours. If you are interested in traveling to the Spokane area it takes about four hours but there are some great places to stay, eat and fish. If you want me to hook you up with Den or one of my other fishing friends there let me know and I would be happy to do that.

Fishing during high water requires some safety issues so be sure to take along your inflatable life vest and if you don’t have one pick one up as soon as possible

Good Fishing,

Bill Bean.