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Scott McLean

Scott McLean.

Scott Roy McLean of Hamilton has announced his candidacy for Montana Senate District 43.

McLean, a Republican, graduated from Hamilton High School and currently owns Montana Legacy Law. He also is a firefighter and EMT with the Stevensville volunteer fire department.

McLean would like to represent the people of Montana because he "believes Montana ought to be the freest state" and he believes he has a message of liberty and self-reliance that resonates with Montanans, according to a press release.

"I won't bore you with pedigree,” he states in the release. “I love Montana. I've moved around the country going to college, working, and spreading my wings, and I'm so glad to be back here at this place and at this time. We are so fortunate to live in this day and age. We call this the last, best place.

“For me personally, this phrase is tied up in the idea of liberty. Not only is this a low-population state with great views, it's also a state where people can go to get away from those who would control us. There are essentially two types of people in the world, those that think other people ought to be controlled, and those that think others ought to be free. I'm decidedly in the latter category. I'm placing my bet that most Montanans stand with me."

McLean said he is “declaring war” against those who believe other people should be controlled, and pledged to “work with anyone on any side of any aisle who is interested in expanding human liberty.”

The seat currently is held by Republican Pat Connell, and McLean said he welcomes a spirited race. He called Connell a “so-called responsible Republican” who has formed a progressive coalition with Democratic legislators in Montana. He said Connell has a “dismal” 53 percent lifetime rating on freedom issues, according to Americans for Prosperity, a conservative think-tank in Washington, D.C.

The primary election for this race, which covers Ravalli County from Corvallis south, will be held on June 5.