Kim Roth loves eclectic and has been selling it in her antique store The She Shed, a boutique and collection of fabulous items and furniture, now open for a couple of months in Hamilton.

“My business is not a thrift store, this is eclectic, vintage, antique, shabby chic, re-purposed and refinished,” Roth said. “‘Not your mama’s junk’ is the slogan.”

Roth owns all the items in the store and there are very few consignment items such as Paparazzi Jewelry by Jaris Wessel. Roth has manager Lynn Laham to help but the store runs on Roth’s energy.

“Furniture is my main thing,” Roth said. “I’m a furniture girl all the rest of the stuff is just fun stuff. I go to Prairie Sisters and Little Red Truck vintage markets and I follow them all over the place as well. You can find me there.”

The store has unique sections with artsy displays and Roth has created a new display of African-themed items.

“I love Africa. It is my favorite place in the world,” Roth said. “I haven’t been there yet. I love every section in my store and everything is picked by me.”

Another section is filled with items reflecting the theme of western, chicken and farm.

Beyond the main room is more furniture, and decorative items making the transition from Christmas and winter items.

“I love trunks, vintage and the 1970s is my favorite era,” Roth said. “It is the era I grew up in and I remember my mom’s house being orange and green and yellow and now those are the colors of my house. It cracks me up. I love eclectic, it is very fun.”

Roth is also a photographer with 16 years of experience and is merging her business “Creative Kim Photography” with The She Shed.

She is opening The She Shed to be a community place where people can come be creative. She will teach a variety of creative classes in the back room including scrapbooking, sign painting, refinishing and four to six week photography classes.

As a leader of Creative Memories for 12 years, her first class will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 10, called “Scrapbooking 101.”

The starting class on organizing has a $10 fee.

“They will learn the different ways of scrapbooking,” Roth said. “Traditional with stickers and tape and digital. I’ll give them all the options. From ‘Scrapbooking 101’ they will go on to the various things they want to learn. I’ll have ‘Photography 101.’”

On Jan. 18 Roth is hosting a super-party and guests will paint a snowman.

“It’s my birthday and my seven years cancer free of breast cancer,” Roth said. “It will be a big party. This one does need to be preregistered for it is $35 and includes everything you need to paint it and take it home that night. It is just going to be really fun.”

To preregister call 406-360-3280 or stop in at The She Shed.

“I want to bring people in who teach sewing, Pampered Chef and I’m inviting the community in to use this space,” Roth said. “It is $45 to have the lights on and heat and I have to be here, of course. They are welcome to use my room and teach. I have someone teaching sign painting and another gal who teaches freehand art.”

The She Shed is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, at 305 S. 1st, across from the Red Rooster in Hamilton.

Contact Roth at 406-360-3280, or on Facebook.

“Every month, if people like my page and share it they are entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate,” Roth said. “That’s something fun for people to do.”